Client testimonials.

Pete Murphy Bauhaus - this item is now sold
Client: John of Chiswick - "Our piece is a vibrant, iconic portrait of Pete Murphy that sits happily between two funky wall sconces in our new seaside home"

Maggie and Rowland - "Where we have hung our Sign of Leo painting is in a space where it will be looked at freguently and we both feel we will never tire of it. We see new things in it every time we gaze at it!"

Jude and Andy - "We saw Jim's work at the this years Henley Arts Festival and it definitely stood out. Abstract work is not normally my cup of tea but I was very impressed. Have now had TechTock 3 for about a month and have grown to love it more and more. Andy still thinks its wacky!.

Helen Leach - "I've tried loads of draft testimonials but none of them made the work (Chromos) sound as fabulous as the point I was trying to convery!!!! The stupid thing is I can't recommend your work highly enough but I couldn't put it into words. I promise I'll send you something soon".