TechTock clocks

Uniquely designed and crafted timepieces - for images, go to 'TechTock' in the gallery section.

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TechTock - Expertly crafted abstract timepieces
Jim is taking commissions to construct and create unique, abstract clocks called 'TechTock'. Each of the clocks is a one-off, created and numbered especially for the buyer. The hand crafted and painted clocks are supplied fully operational using a German clock mechanism.

The battery operated clocks can be built to the buyers size specification (TechTock 1 is 60cms diameter) coated in 2 layers of acrylic gloss lacquer and are constructed using high-grade 9mm MDF. Each clock takes approximately 3 weeks to complete.

On an interesting note, historically there has been a school of thought that suggests functional art somehow becomes less art, more utility. Don't be fooled by this - 'TechTock' is art that works for a living!

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