Welcome to Sign of Leo

Welcome to the Sign of Leo website. My book 'Donald Trump and Me. My diaries recording four wild years of an American President' will be published in August as an e-Book and paperback in the UK and as an e-Book globally. I am currently in the process of securing a US literary link to release the book as a paperback in the United States in September. The book is a record of 1462 days of Donald Trump and his stay in the White House from January 2017 to January 2021. It is not for the faint hearted and will in times to come be regarded as the go-to Trump reference book. If you would like to purchase the book it will be available in August to order in all good bookshops and on Amazon. You can also purchase the paperback directly from me by letting me know your email address which I can then use to forward a PayPal purchase request message.

I also create a wide range of art-forms however I focus principally on assemblage, collage, electric sculptures and clocks. I live and work in London and take part in several exhibitions every year.


Stuck for that 'unusual' gift...? Why not check out the gallery for a 'TechTock' clock, a 'RELODE' item or a Colour Channeling piece designed and created specifically for you or your loved one. Why not purchase a piece of the most exciting abstract work on the market? Call or email Jim at Sign of Leo now on 07799656901 or jimsitch@banksian23.demon.co.uk to arrange a sale or commission.

Jim has been producing abstract/surreal pictures and sculptures for 35 years.

The visual impact of the work that you'll see in the 'Gallery' section speaks for itself and Jim welcomes your feedback. Since 1980 Jim has been a member of the Fulham Society of Artists, exhibited with the eighties post-punk art group 'Mutoid Waste co' and has provided bespoke art pieces for stage shows. Jim is currently a member of the 'Twickenham Art Circle and the 'Riverside Art Group' and regularly exhibits his work.